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Peganum Harmala ; Wild “Syrian Rue” Seeds

AKA: Esfand, wild rue, Syrian rue, African rue, or harmel.

Fresh wild-crafted raw Seeds from Afghanistan

SEED: P. harmala. Esphand, Common Syrian Rue, Wild Rue. Full kilogram of wild rue. One of my bestsellers. Not recommended for consumption, as there are some plant pieces mixed in and an occasional pebble, not sterilized or steam cleaned. Viable seeds. 

  • Wild Rue is traditionally used as a red dye.
  • Wild Rue is used in traditional Persian cooking
  • Wild Rue is used as a traditional incense. 
  • Wild Rue is a legendary MAO inhibitor.
  • Often a Part of the herbal duo in some Jurema Ayahuasca brews.

Latin Name: Peganum harmala

Packed for: 2018, will keep in dry, airtight containers for several years.

Net weight: Over one kilogram. weighed at 36 US ounces net.

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Weight1 kg

Peganum Harmala Seeds


1- 10gram, 2- 20gram, 3- 50gram, 4- 100gram, 5- 200gram, 6- 500gram, 7- 1kilogram

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    best product in world wide for medicinial use

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