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Syrian Rue \ Peganum Harmala Health benefits & Medicinal uses

Peganum harmala seeds are the most concentrated natural source of Harmala alkaloids (Harmine and Harmaline).   In modern Western culture it is used widely for its strong MAO-inhibiting properties and is commonly used as a substitute for Banisteriopsis caapi vine – the key plant ingredient in the sacramental beverage Ayahuasca. …

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Research into other potential uses peganum hermala

Research into other potential uses Several scientific laboratories have studied possible uses for Peganum harmala through studies in laboratory animals (in vivo) and in cells (in vitro). Fertility In very large quantities (dosages exceeding those commonly used for medicinal, therapeutic, or spiritual purposes), it can reduce spermatogenesis and male fertility …

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Peganum Harmala

Peganum harmala, commonly called esfand, wild rue, Syrian rue, African rue, harmel, or aspand (among other similar pronunciations and spellings), is a plant of the family Nitrariaceae. Its common English-language name came about because of a resemblance to rue (which is not related). The plant’s seeds are especially noteworthy because they have seen continual use for …

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